Disinfect And Sanitize To Protect Employees And Family

Disinfection and sanitization are practiced predominantly in health care related services like clinics, laboratories, hospitals, etc. as they are treating infectious patients and handle samples for testing. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, disinfection and sanitization has become a norm and a must in all types of environments i.e., offices, commercial places, educational institutes, public buildings and even homes.

With ambiguity surrounding the quality of air we breathe in, it is better to take precaution and opt for periodic sanitization and disinfection in places where we live. We are not sure about the particles floating in the air or the contamination in places where we keep our hands and touch everyday around us. Germs are everywhere and ready to pass on to the next object. Contagious people don’t show symptoms for days and chances of them spreading the virus wherever they go increases.

Individual sanitization helps in prevention of viral infection by way of washing with soap and wearing masks. But for places we work, live and move around sanitization and disinfection is the only way to eliminate the virus and reduce the chances of spreading among people. It is the duty and responsibility of every establishment to keep their place disinfected and sanitized.

Kleanterra offers high quality disinfection and sanitization services for corporate, commercial buildings, shops, factories, hospitals, hotels, theaters, apartments, etc to create a safe environment for the people living and visiting them.

Why Choose Us

  • In depth knowledge and experienced team.
  • Always use top quality products and materials.
  • 100% coverage of specified locations.
  • Industry standard application and performance.

The Experts For A Virus Free Living

Kleanterra does anti viral deep cleaning services for commercial and residential establishments and disinfect places which are difficult to access using top quality antiviral detergents and non toxic chemicals for 100% elimination of bacteria from the surfaces. We use eco friendly sanitizing liquids and sprays which are safe and harmless. We will plan a deep cleaning solution which is more suitable for the type of location and purpose the place is used for.