Pleasing Landscapes For Home and Office

Landscaped gardens are living beings that needs careful attention and daily upkeep to maintain their healthy status. Daily watering, weed removal and trimming is a must. Periodic pesticide protection measures helps in the longevity of the plants and grass. Even a slight negligence of care makes the garden lose their liveliness and sheen.

Kleanterra provides professional garden management services with guaranteed results and flexible rates.We maintain your existing landscape and garden by periodic pruning, removal and planting, trimming, thinning, removal of caterpillars, termites, wood borers and bugs as well as sports field maintenance and upkeep.

Kleanterra creates soothing landscapes and gardens that are admired and appreciated by a large clientele. Landscapes add a rich look and flavor for the outdoors of any building. We carefully select the right combination of plants, bushes, creepers, trees and lanws which enhances the surroundings and keeps the air clean at the same time.

Why Choose Us

  • Knowledge of plant varities and species, sustainable methods, organic farming, pesticides and effects.
  • Creative team and innovative landscape ideas to suit the aesthetics of the property.
  • Professionally trained caretakers with an eye for detail.
  • Use latest and appropriate gardening tools.

Our Green Hands For Your Greener Surroundings

Our landscape designers are trained in the art of creating a masterpiece in every project. We build innovative and functional gardens that are awe inspiring. Size does not matter for us to showcase our creative talent in landscaping. Big open spaces or small indoor areas, our team of designers meticulously chart out a plan, make sketches, choose items suitable for the size and bring the plan alive with awesome results.