Dust Free Carpets, Sofa, Furniture And Upholstery

A clean living room or lobby is a welcoming sign for guests and visitors respectively. A dust free environment also avoids people getting allergies like cold, cough and sneezing. For an efficient living space it is essential to dust and vacuum the carpets, furnitures, sofa sets, tea tables, racks, etc. Maintenance of furnitures and accessories are laborious and time consuming whether in offices or at homes.

Kleanterra professional cleaning service helps keep your carpets, sofa and upholstery dust free, spotless and beautiful while also ensures longer life for the furnitures and fixtures. We use specially designed equipments and products, innovative methods to remove unsightly spots and contaminants.

We are experts in eliminating dead skin cells, dust, markings, etc from any type of sofa sets, stools, chairs, tables, fabric panels, cabinets, carpets, wall hangings, decorative items to make it look as good as new and impressive.

Why Choose Us

  • Daily and weekly contracts for regular upkeep of carpets, furnitures and upholstery.
  • Team leader supervised work for effective and efficient results.
  • Flexible service timing as per customers convenience.
  • Serviced by specially trained dependable staff using quality materials and accessories.

Expert Cleaning From Experienced Hands

We have vast experience and knowhow on cleaning upholstery and carpets of any type, material, fabric and texture and use appropriate tools and methods for cleaning them for effective and long lasting results. Kleanterra does a thorough evaluation of the items and proposes optimum solution within your budget and makes sure the promises are kept and customers satisfied.