Control The Pests Before They Control You!

Pests are a menace and natures bad elements bent upon destroying household items for their living we do weekly monthly routine checks for office as well. The best way to avoid them is by being proactive and take precautions like doing pest control service periodically. Kleanterra is one of the top rated pest control service provider who always believe in prevention is better than cure.

Common among pests are cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, wood borers, mosquitoes, houseflies, ants, rats, rodents, tick, fleas and so on. Some of the pests are seasonal and some are all season. For example cockroaches infests kitchen area as there are food particles lying around, ants are always found in the kitchen as well as wardrobe and they can bite and spoil the clothes, rats and rodents target kitchen and drawers, houseflies and fleas are specific to food items being exposed, ticks are aplenty if there are pets, bed bugs are the worst which infests wardrobes and bedding.

Kleanterra solves all your pest infestation problems by specialist exterminators who are well versed in identifying the sources and targeted elimination of those pests with the help of eco friendly, unharmful and best quality spray treatments. Safe pesticides are applied to furniture, mattresses, cupboards, internal areas, wall junctions, washrooms, etc. Advanced gel are applied to kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and bedrooms to eliminate and control pests. Drilling and injecting of quality pesticides done for wood works to remove and control termites.

Pest control is a periodic activity ideally done once in six months. Some of the pest treatments are done as a course for eg., two or three times at a gap of one week to one month depending on the type of pests, for complete eradication.

Why Choose Us

  • Quarterly, half yearly and yearly plans for complete eradication and control
  • Expert team trained on various pest control practices and methods
  • Use of eco friendly chemicals, hygienic materials and follow safety standards
  • Post operation follow up and maintenance

Need Help With Your Pest, Kleanterra Is The Best.

We arrange for a free site visit to assess the severity of the problem and suggest options to remove them in a systemic way and keep your buildings and offices pest free by following high standards of health and safety and minimal disruption to your daily activities.